If your company is carrying out pharmaceutical research or clinical trials in Russia or Ukraine, or if you have a pharmaceutical product that you want to market in these countries, then you will most likely need to have your pharmaceutical materials translated into Russian or Ukrainian.

There are a number of different things that you should keep in mind when looking for a Russian pharmaceutical translator or Ukrainian pharmaceutical translator. Obviously, you want to work with a translator who is reliable and professional, who will be a pleasure to work with, and who will deliver your finished translation project on time.

Pharma translations require training and experience

You also need to make sure that the person translating your documents has experience and training in the field of pharmaceutical translations. With this type of material, a lot is at stake, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical research translation or translations for clinical trials. An imprecise translation of a key phrase, a missed comma, or any other errors could potentially lead to problems with regulatory agencies or medical authorities in the new target market.

Translating pharmaceutical marketing materials

Translating pharmaceutical marketing materials also requires a special skill set. Especially for marketing materials aimed at health professionals, the translator needs to have extensive knowledge of medical terminology as well as a keen sense for appropriate tone and style in the target language. They need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively at the level of a medical expert, without guessing at the meaning of specialist terms. This requires either a medical background or professional development courses for medical translators.

Consistency is key for multilingual marketing

Medical marketing translators also need to have a thorough understanding of your company’s internal terminology and branding. Certain phrases may need to be translated creatively, or they may need to reference previous translations to make sure that their tone and style is similar. When possible, you may find it beneficial to work with an individual translator across all of your marketing projects to ensure that your company’s marketing language remains consistent across the board in the new target language.

If you are looking for qualified German/English to Russian or English/German to Ukrainian translator for your pharma translations, Yuliya Kinash would be happy to help. I am a certified translator with training and years of experience in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical translation.

Here are some of the document types that I can help with:

  • Product summaries
  • Patient instructions and informed consent forms
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Package labels and inserts
  • Doctor- and patient-facing marketing materials

You can submit your project 24/7 via my website contact form, and I offer quick turnaround and rush service if required.

Get a quote today (kinash@kinash.com) or call me at +38 067 6 9999 08 to see how I can help you.

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