If you need to have a document or other text translated from Russian into English, it can be difficult to decide on a translation services provider. Should you choose an individual translator, or go with a translation agency? There are benefits to both options, and the right choice will depend on your particular project. Here are some things you will want to consider when choosing a Russian to English translation service provider.

Reasons to choose an individual Russian to English translator

  1. Hiring an individual translator allows you to have a closer working relationship with the person translating your documents. This gives you a chance to, for example, discuss specific concepts or phrases directly with the translator. With an agency, you will typically communicate with a project manager, who then passes your messages along to the translator. For certain texts, it can be beneficial to have a direct line of communication available to discuss finer nuances of meaning that might not otherwise be apparent.
  2. Working with an individual translator allows you to keep working with the same person across multiple projects. This can be very beneficial if you need to make sure that the tone, terminology, and — of course — quality are consistent in the long-term. When you work with an agency, you rarely know which translator your project will be assigned to, which can sometimes lead to unwanted differences in the finished product.
  3. Working with an individual translator allows you to decide exactly who will work on your project. You can choose someone who has the specific qualifications and areas of specialization that you require. For example, if you would prefer to work with English to Russian legal translator who also has a law degree, you have the opportunity to discuss your needs and their qualifications directly and ensure that the translator is a good fit for your project.
  4. Working with an individual translator means that fewer people come into contact with any sensitive documents. Although reputable translation agencies do indeed have data security measures in place, your documents will still go through the hands of multiple people, such as the project managers, during the translation and editing process. This inherently increases the risk to some degree. If your documents are highly sensitive, you might be more comfortable limiting the number of people who view your document to only the translator and proofreader.

Reasons to choose an agency for English to Russian translations

  1. If you have a project with a large volume and a tight deadline, it may be necessary to use multiple translators to complete the work on time. This is generally not considered a preferred method of working, because it can lead to differences in writing style across the project. However, if the deadline is non-negotiable, it can be necessary in some instances. Under these circumstances, an agency might be a good option, as they generally have the resources to coordinate and complete very large-volume projects involving multiple translators and proofreaders.
  2. If you have a document or project that needs to be translated into multiple languages, you may need to consider using an agency. Not all individual translators are prepared to handle this type of project, or they may not know any trusted colleagues who work in the languages you require. 
  3. If your project requires other types of special services such as layout and design of the finished translation, you may need to work with a translation agency who is able to provide these types of services. Individual translators are not always able to handle these types of requests, although some do.

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