What is healthcare translation?

Moving countries is a huge decision and for some people this also includes the decision to take their pets with them. Apart from the multitude of legal documents required, there are also healthcare documents that need to be considered and in particular, with the pets you are deciding to transport abroad. This does not need to be a time consuming and lengthy process, if everything is present and correctly translated from the source language to the target language. Be mindful that you are responsible for the animal’s legal status, as well as it’s welfare and so if its documents are not up to date, then you will be liable.

This is where professional healthcare translation can help. Using the services of a professional and fully qualified healthcare translator can make this process simple, clear and avoid penalties for incorrect and poorly mistranslated documents. Healthcare translation is the field of translating, sometimes complex, medical information from the source language to the target language.

It is important to be mindful that there are different regulations that apply to the different kinds of animals you might be considering on transporting overseas. These regulations also apply to the animal’s country of origin as well. It is advisable to check with each country’s embassy or consulate what these are before embarking on your travels.

Why is it important to register your pet?

Generally speaking Russian and Ukrainian people enjoy keeping animals and it is popular in both countries. However, if you decide to take your pet into either country it is strongly advisable to register it. Whilst in the UK and Germany it is mandatory to have animals registered, in Russia and Ukraine it is more encouraged than obligatory. However, it makes sense to take the time to register your pet. From everyone’s perspective it encourages more responsible pet ownership, prevents the spread of diseases, regulates the number of animals in the country, helps with lost and found pets and creates a more unified database of pets within the country.

What documents does my pet need?

For your pet to settle into a new country, there are several pieces of documentation that are legally required:

  • First, they must have a microchip, so that the animal is traceable. These are available from a range of veterinarian clinics.
  • Secondly, each animal must have a healthcare certificate which details vaccinations, all of which must be up to date before travelling abroad.
  • Thirdly, the pet should have its own passport. These two paper documents should be translated into the target language before travel and this is where you would seek the services of a professional healthcare translator.

Having these documents already translated into the target language before travel, can avoid any misunderstandings as you proceed and as a result cause delays, or even worse fines or the confiscation of your pet!

Another document to consider for your pet are any prescriptions that it may have for pre-existing conditions. These documents are obviously very complex and will require the close attention of someone who has experience of translation pharmaceutical documents. Any errors in translating these records could quite adversely affect your pet, so it is worthwhile investing in the professional and experienced services of a healthcare translator.

Why do you need the services of a healthcare translator?

As already mentioned, healthcare translation is a complex field. By employing the services of a professional healthcare translator, you will ensure that the documents you need translating will effectively communicate with the relevant regulatory bodies that require them. In addition to this, these veterinarian documents will be more easily explained and translated within the correct context, by someone who is experienced in healthcare translation.

A number of difficulties can arise in the translation of veterinarian documents if they have been translated by someone who has limited proficiency in the target language. If this happens, as a result, there could be cause for the various paperwork and procedures not being completed accurately and could therefore mean there is a risk of negligence.

Healthcare translators are required to have specialised medical knowledge. It is not enough to look up medical terminology in a dictionary. They will have experience of reading and translating medical documentation, such as veterinary documents and be able to accurately convey the meaning that it is required.

Prepared by Yuliya Kinash, certified German & English to Russian/Ukrainian translator

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