If you are moving to Russia or Ukraine from a German or English speaking country, you might need Russian medical record translation services at some point. This is especially true if you have an ongoing medical condition, or if you had a hospital stay or any other treatments that your new doctors need to know about in detail. You might also need your hospital records or medical records translated into Russian or Ukrainian if you had medical treatment while visiting a German or English-speaking country and need to share the documents with your doctor after returning home.

Medical translation requires precision

If you are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian translator to translate medical records or healthcare documents, it is essential that you choose someone with extensive experience in medical translation. Medical translations must be done with absolute precision. There is no room for error because unclarities could potentially lead to incorrect medical treatments going forward. To avoid this, you should take care to choose a professional medical translator who is not only a qualified translator but who also has medical knowledge as well.

A person with only general translation experience will most likely not have the training needed to effectively transfer medical information from one language to another. In order for your doctor to correctly understand the treatment you received, and to continue the treatment if necessary, it is essential that your healthcare documents be translated by someone well-versed in medical terminology and general medical knowledge.

Professional medical translators must be specialized

Although all translators are trained in translation, not all are able to accurately translate specialized texts such as medical or healthcare documents. They might be able to look up specialized terminology in a medical dictionary, but simply transferring the words from one language to another is not enough. Without at least a fundamental understanding of medicine, a translator is too likely to introduce errors into a medical translation without realizing it.

A trained medical translator, on the other hand, will have experience reading and understanding medical reports and medical documents. They obviously will not have the same level of medical knowledge that a doctor has, but they will be able to fully comprehend the medical documents that they are translating and ensure that the meaning is accurately conveyed into Russian or Ukrainian.

Qualified English & German to Russian and English & German to Ukrainian medical translation

If you are looking for a qualified German & English to Russian or German & English to Ukrainian translator for medical or healthcare documents, Yuliya Kinash would be happy to help. I am a certified translator with an extensive background in medical and pharma translation, and I am a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian. You can submit your project 24/7 via my website contact form, and I offer quick turnaround and rush service if required. Get a quote today (kinash@kinash.com) or call me at +38 067 6 9999 08 to see how I can help you.

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