Why a qualified legal translator is key

If you need to get a contract translated into Russian or Ukrainian, you will want to work with a translator who has experience with legal texts and knows the ins and outs of the legal system in both countries. As with all types of translation, working with an inexperienced translator puts you at risk of getting back a poor-quality translation that is too literal, difficult to understand, or — even worse — inaccurate. This is particularly a problem with contracts because misunderstandings can create unpleasant situations later on.

What is legal contract translation?

Contract translation can involve a variety of different documents. For example, a business concluding a sales contract or service contract with a foreign partner might need to have their terms and conditions, service agreement, or other types of business contracts translated. A company hiring a foreign employee might need a translation of an employment contract or other administrative documents. A person or business wishing to purchase, sell, or rent a property might need various types of real estate contracts to be translated. A legal contract translation should always be done by a skilled translator who has legal training to ensure that they can accurately communicate all the information contained in the contract.

What makes a qualified Russian contract translator or Ukrainian contract translator?

Translators who work with legal documents may have different levels of legal training. Some choose to “learn by doing,” while others complete professional development courses that help them deal with specialized legal terminology. These steps are helpful in understanding the terminology used, but may not give the translator a full grasp of the legal institutions in their country. At the highest level are those translators who have also completed a law degree. This gives them a more nuanced and detailed understanding of the legal basis of the text so that they can ensure the utmost accuracy and precision in the finished translation.

A law degree can be particularly important when there are differences between the legal systems in the home country of each language. For example, US and UK law is based on the common law system, while the law in Russia and Europe is based on the civil law system. These differences present particular challenges for Russian legal translators — their translations need to take into account the legal systems of each country so that the translated contract makes not only linguistic sense, but legal sense as well.

A qualified Russian legal translator will not only provide you with a clear, accurate, natural-sounding Russian translation of your contact. They will also handle your documents with absolute confidentiality and ensure that the translations are delivered on-budget and on-schedule. Any professional provider of legal translation services should be easy to contact and respond quickly to your inquiries.

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