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Find out more about how I can help you communicate across borders.

I work with clients to turn English and German texts into Russian and/or Ukrainian. If you need another language, I would be happy to recommend a fellow professional or direct you to a directory of certified translators.
I can also review and perfect Ukrainian and Russian documents that have already been translated. Just send over the file and I will compile a quote and provide an estimated delivery date for you.
I pride myself on clear communication and responsiveness. You will receive your tailored quote between 15 and 30 minutes of sending your enquiry.
Of course. A successful website is made up of lots of elements, so I might ask about SEO keywords, links and images, and it would likely be easier to work in your content management system (WordPress, etc.).
Of course. I translate certificates, educational documents, identity cards and other personal documents as part of my official document translation service. Payment is made in advance, then I start work on your translated document(s). Rest assured that your information will remain completely confidential.
In this digital age, I tend to deliver translated certificates and other documents via email. If you would prefer your documents as hard copies, please let me know and I will post them to you.
Your translated documents can be notarised by any notary in Kiev. As a translator, I can go to any notary in the city or any notary I work with.
Generally speaking, a professional translator can produce around 1,000-2,000 words per day. However, many factors affect this average figure: availability, subject matter, the condition of the original file (e.g. handwritten documents). Send over your file(s) (link to Contact) for a free quotation and estimated deadline.
Yes. As a lawyer, I process migration documents such as residence permits, labour permits and other permission documents, and I also help to register legal entities. Contact me to discuss your requirements and I will be happy to help. Your details will always be treated confidentially.
The majority of projects I work on are confidential, so I am used to treating your texts with care. To provide an extra level of protection, I would be happy to sign your translation service agreement or NDA, if required.

For the past 16 years, businesses, law firms and private clients have relied on me to provide high-quality translations from English and German into Russian and Ukrainian. From articles of association to user manuals, my prompt, professional services ensure smooth communication across international borders.