Yuliya Kinash

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Yuliya Kinash

Every day, I learn something new from my work. I love helping others to access and share vital information and I love making a difference.

Since 2005, I have been working with international agencies, small and big companies as well as private clients to help them communicate across borders as a full-time legal and medical translator. My bilingual background, commitment to education and ongoing dedication to the highest professional standards have made me the specialist I am today.

Bilingual beginnings

I have lived in a bilingual environment since I was a small child. I spoke Russian and Ukrainian at school, at home, when I was with my friends, at family celebrations, interacting with customers. I love both of my native languages and am also dedicated to ensuring the quality of my English and German.

Two master’s degrees

I gained my Master's degree in Translation at the Eastern European University of Economics and Management in 2004, later also choosing to take on a Master's degree in Law which I am due to complete in October 2018. I know my craft inside out and I work hard to provide premium services to my valued clients.

Professionalism is my mantra

Over more than a decade in the industry, I have maintained and developed my commitment to the highest professional standards. My membership of the American Translators Association and the International Association of Translators and Interpreters further demonstrates my dedication to supporting my clients and delivering the best possible service.

Now that you know me better, let’s take things to the next step.

For the past 16 years, businesses, law firms and private clients have relied on me to provide high-quality translations from English and German into Russian and Ukrainian. From articles of association to user manuals, my prompt, professional services ensure smooth communication across international borders.