When you’re searching for a professional Russian translator or Ukrainian translator, it can be difficult to know what to look for. It might be hard to make a decision between the big translation agencies offering every language combination under the sun and an individual translator who offers only a single language pair. How can you tell if you will work well together? How can you know whether you can really trust them with your confidential documents? Here are six factors to keep in mind when choosing a translation service provider.

1. The most important aspect to consider when looking for a Russian translator is their qualifications. A translator’s professional qualifications and training give you the assurance that they can produce high-quality translations that accurately reflect the meaning of the original document. Extensive training is essential for highly specialized subjects like legal translation and medical translation, as the translator must understand the subtle nuances of the subject matter.

2. But qualifications aren’t everything. Professionalism is also paramount. Even a highly talented translator could still create problems for your organization if they are not reliable and easy to work with. Service providers in any field need to have mastered essential business skills such as handling customer concerns, delivering projects on time, and knowing when to ask for clarification. Without these skills, it will be difficult to work with them effectively.

3. Additionally, a translator’s responsiveness will have an immense impact on your working relationship with them. If you contact them with a time-sensitive request for a quotation, will they respond promptly, or leave you waiting? Do they reply to your queries during the project, or leave you wondering if the email even arrived? The way a translator handles their communication can either lay the foundation for an excellent business partnership or cause you unnecessary stress.

4. Speed can be a critical factor for many translation projects. Especially for longer translations, it is essential that a translator be able to accurately estimate the time that they will require to complete the project — and that they can stay on schedule until the project is completed. In some cases, it may be necessary to put in extra hours or work over the weekend to finish a project with a rush deadline. Not all translators are willing or able to offer this service, so you should discuss your needs in advance if you often have time-critical translation projects.

5. A translator’s quality management process is also a crucial part of their business. A translation should never be sent out until it has been thoroughly reviewed, and every translator must develop their own quality control procedure. Ensuring accurate translation of industry-specific terminology is crucial, so a translator’s research skills and experience in the industry are essential. For legal translations, for example, working with a translator who also holds a law degree ensures that they are truly an expert in the field.

6. Any translation should be treated with a certain level of confidentiality, but translations of legal documents or medical document translations need to be treated with the utmost care. These are often highly sensitive documents, and you may want to work with a translator who is willing to sign a translation service agreement or an NDA. In addition, working with a certified translator who is legally registered as a business provides you with an extra level of assurance.

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