If you’ve been searching for a professional Russian translator or Ukrainian translator, you’ve most likely come across a wide range of service providers offering a wide range of prices. Because it’s so difficult for most people to compare the quality of work that different translators provide, many people base their selection on price and hope for the best. This is a very risky way of making a decision, as not all translators are created equal. When a document is important — such as a Russian medical translation or Russian legal translation — the hidden costs of a poor-quality translation could be astronomical. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to choose a highly qualified, professional translator for your translation project:

  1. Translation is a very complex task that requires practice and finesse. It isn’t just a matter of exchanging a word in one language for the same word in another. Translation is about communicating a message, and that requires extensive knowledge — not only of both languages but of both cultures as well. It takes a great deal of training, and a translator must be aware of the many errors that can occur in order to avoid them. This is true of all translation, but especially of legal translation, where it is essential that the translator understand the differences in the legal systems in order for the translation to make both legal and linguistic sense.
  1. Professional translation requires much more than just being bilingual. Being able to read and write in two languages does not guarantee that a person can translate well. It’s just like writing in your native language — not everyone who speaks a language can write well. Any particular thought can be expressed in a multitude of different ways, and the translator’s job — just like the professional writer’s — is to find the best and most accurate way to do so. This is why an inexpensive translation can be so problematic. If a translator is offering a low rate, they most likely cannot afford to take the time that would be required to produce a translation that is both accurate and well-written.
  1. Being a professional translator requires dedication to constant improvement and continuous learning. This is why it is so essential to work with a Russian translator or Ukrainian translator who has invested time and effort in honing their craft — without this, it is nearly impossible to develop the level of skill required for this highly demanding work. This is particularly true for translators who work in specializations like medical translation or legal translation. Although the time and effort spent in their training will be reflected in their translation rates, the higher cost is a sound investment for your company. A Russian legal translator or Ukrainian legal translator who has put in the work to become an expert in their field will be able to produce the high-quality, accurate translation that you need.
  1. And of course, working with a professional translator is about more than just the finished product. Their professionalism and reliability are also of paramount importance. A perfect translation finished days or weeks after the deadline might not be usable at all. And if we are talking about translation for businesses, translation for law firms, or translation for the medical field, confidentiality is essential. If sensitive information were to be leaked, it could potentially wreak havoc for a company and its clients. Choosing a translator who is registered as an entrepreneur or small business, and who has formal training in translation, means that you are working with someone who has taken the time to learn both the business side as well as the technical side of the field. That lets you know that you know you are in good hands.


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